Saturday, March 25, 2006

Cellphone holder...minus the cellphone

I feel better about posting my cellphone holder that I started and completed today. It is made using Caron Simply Soft Brights and Bernat Frenzy. All of the orange is done using seed stitch (except for the border between the orange and frenzy, where I screwed up), and all of the frenzy is in garter stitch. I casted off all of the frenzy except for 4 stitches and kept going to create that loop. The loop is just attached; it can't flip up due to my lack of attaching mechanisms at the moment. Either way, I still like the way it turned out. I hope to make (yeah it will sound odd) a cell phone bed. A little stuffed bed with a blanket and miniature pillow, in my opinion, would be a creative way to keep the cell phone in one place when it is charging. All of this is kind of funny to me because in reality, I don't even own a cell phone---yet.


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