Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sunny, my fruity orange pal

Yes! That little blob of orange knitting in my last post ended up being this cute little ray of sunshine in my life. I feel quite happy to have had the chance of finishing him tonight. I really enjoyed making him. I like the facial expression--that little smirk. The pattern is really simple for the ball.

cast on 28
*k20 turn
k12 turn
k14 turn
k16 turn
k18 turn
k20 turn
k22 turn
k24 turn
k26 turn
k28 * don't cast off until you get 10 wedges

The directions between the *s create a wedge. Make 10 wedges and then stuff and sew it.
I made the arms and legs using one of those knitting spool things.


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