Friday, March 31, 2006


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This is my zombie! It was completed without a pattern because there was none I could find. Wire is inserted in his arms so he can get that "zombie posture." I'm giving him to one of my friends, once again.

Now that the zombie knitting is out of my system, I can focus on more important things....



So many ideas

Due to *popular* demand, I am going to knit some arms for my robot. I agree; I think he would be a lot happier if he had the ability to hug someone.

While reading some of the posts on Craftster, I found something very very cute: Knitted zombies!! I'm trying to knit my own right now--again, with no pattern.

I also had an idea to knit some food items......such as..........rice balls. Hahahaha..yeah, it does sound odd, but for some reason, I feel that I must knit them.

I really enjoy knitting these little novelty things. Even if the practicality is really low, the projects still look cute.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

A very straightforward quite lovely cupcake

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This is the cupcake that I started and finished today (can you tell that I like quick projects?). It was a little hard to do the bottom. You start out with 6 stitches distributed on 3 dpns and then you increase many times. First off, so few stitches on dpns really frustrate me. And, second, for some reason I made the stitches really tight at the bottom.

Even though the pattern called for a bottle cap to be placed inside, I also added a cardboard circle. It keeps the cupcake standing better than just the bottle cap alone.

It was very interesting and "fun" to try to get the stitches closed at the top. That is probably why the cherry looks a little odd.

Either way you throw it, people around here like it a lot. I enjoyed making it overall. It was the first project I actually completed on dpns. I like the little ribbing on the brown cake part of the cupcake. I added the "chocolate chips" because it looked a little bland otherwise.

My advice: Don't beat yourself up if you are a few stitches off. Believe it or not, I have either a few more or less stitches than what the pattern called for. I actually didn't pay too much attention to the pattern. I was thrilled to get something that actually looked like a cupcake in the end.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Marvin is complete

Marvin is done! I adapted part of the pattern (I couldn't resist). I made a few mistakes while making him, but I cleverly covered it up. I am giving him to one of my friends for Easter.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Marvin is finally coming along

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Marvin, the depressed yet cute robot from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, is finally coming along. I decided to actually follow a pattern for once and not just wing it. I am knitting Marvin for my friend ( who loves the books as well as movie) for an Easter surprise. Hopefully, he turns out okay.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sunny, my fruity orange pal

Yes! That little blob of orange knitting in my last post ended up being this cute little ray of sunshine in my life. I feel quite happy to have had the chance of finishing him tonight. I really enjoyed making him. I like the facial expression--that little smirk. The pattern is really simple for the ball.

cast on 28
*k20 turn
k12 turn
k14 turn
k16 turn
k18 turn
k20 turn
k22 turn
k24 turn
k26 turn
k28 * don't cast off until you get 10 wedges

The directions between the *s create a wedge. Make 10 wedges and then stuff and sew it.
I made the arms and legs using one of those knitting spool things.

Knitted Ball turned Cute Orange Toy?

Last night, I came across a pattern for a knitted ball. Once I got the hang of it, it was actually quite easy to make. Since I'm using only orange yarn, I decided to turn the ball into a stuffed orange fruit toy. I should finish it tonight. I really see an opportunity here. If I figure out how to change colors while making the ball, I can create Marvin from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Cellphone holder...minus the cellphone

I feel better about posting my cellphone holder that I started and completed today. It is made using Caron Simply Soft Brights and Bernat Frenzy. All of the orange is done using seed stitch (except for the border between the orange and frenzy, where I screwed up), and all of the frenzy is in garter stitch. I casted off all of the frenzy except for 4 stitches and kept going to create that loop. The loop is just attached; it can't flip up due to my lack of attaching mechanisms at the moment. Either way, I still like the way it turned out. I hope to make (yeah it will sound odd) a cell phone bed. A little stuffed bed with a blanket and miniature pillow, in my opinion, would be a creative way to keep the cell phone in one place when it is charging. All of this is kind of funny to me because in reality, I don't even own a cell phone---yet.

Knitted Robot

Here is my attempt at a robot--with no arms yet! I still have to make the arms, but I'm wondering if I should even continue. Yes, he is cute...but he is nothing like the ones I have seen on the web. He doesn't sit up too well, but I once got him to stand with no assistance for a minute or so. He is stuffed with fabric scraps and a "lucky" penny. Yeah.. I wanted to make him feel somewhat meaningful.

Knitting Toys

I have been intrigued by the knitted toys I have seen on the web. However, I am saddened when I find that the toys that I want to make the most are not free patterns. My favorites, by far, are these knitted robots by Jess Hutch. Actually, I love all of the toys that are featured in her book, which unfortunately isn't being sold anymore. So.. I am here, trying to figure out how to create my own toy patterns, just so I could have similar joy.

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