Monday, May 08, 2006

Calculator Cozy/Cozie/Caddy

After visiting the town craft shop up north, I came back home with a boat load of yarn. I thought that my calculator needed a better caddy than what it had, so I decided to knit one up. As well as knitting, I also did little crochet things on the caddy. There is a special technique (not really) that I used at the bottom of the bag. I chained 3 and did a double crochet through each stitch, along the bottom. The handle is also crocheted. It's a single crochet row, I think (I really stink at crochet terms, sorry!) The symbol in the middle is *supposed to be* a pi symbol. I think I made the pi "legs" too long, but it looks alright. All of the yarn that was used, except for the black, is of the Red Heart brand. It was really fun to make.


At 1:06 PM, Blogger del said...

That came out so cute!


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